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All we are is Dust in the Wind... [31 Mar 2005|10:14pm]
A great man has passed.

Mitch Hedberg, 37 years old and dead in his hotel room in New Jersey.

Read the article here:


This has actually hit me really hard. I'm not sure why because I never met the man, but something about him just makes me so sad to hear that he's gone. Its not as harsh as when Dime died, but its up there, he was to comedy what Dime was to metal. Metal is way more important than comedy in terms of...anything, but still. I guess I'm rambling a bit but I can't help it. I'm completely speechless. I'm instigating a toast and a moment of silence for him tonight. I'll be taking a shot and sitting on my porch in silence for a while. Probly at around midnight. Feel free to join me in any part of that (at your own location obviously), especially if you've actually heard of him and are stricken like me.

I had a white russian for Mitch. Rally tipsy right now.
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They won, they won, they won, they won, they won, they won, they won...they won. Got it yet? I'm not sure you do. They won. Now I think you got it. $600 for winning Exposure. Quite savage, and it was at The Graceland. I refuse to call it El Corazon, its too emo. But yeah, I'm quite excited. And it was quite awesome. Including the previously almost undebuted Midnight. Which is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo savage. Rock on kids, and keep it metal.
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Searching [30 Jan 2005|03:14pm]
So, next weekend is SAAS's winterball. And I am without a date. I'm paying for all of it, the tickets, the dinner....whatever else, so thats not a problem. If you're interested, drop a comment, gimme a call, whatever. Later kids.

I now have a date, the lovely Sasha Skinner. -50 points to me for the process though. Wow, I really am retarded sometimes.
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[18 Jan 2005|03:48pm]
[ mood | epic ]

Once in a great while, something happens, and it destroys the very fibers of life as we know it. Today, an event such as this has occurred. Today I recieved, indirectly, a pink bracelet from Merlin himself. The great wizard bestowed it upon me in hopes as to give me good luck. Already his blessing has proven to be useful. Once I entered my house, a package set to arrive in 7-9 days, arrived not 2 minutes after I mentioned its future arrival to my mother. Immediately following my acquisition of the wizard's bracelet, we discovered that the world has a missing person. His name is Waldo, and we must find him. He was last seen in Montana, and so within the next few months, we must go on a quest, a quest to find Waldo. For this trip, I will be commandeering the Firestation Number J, which will belong to me very shortly. I will be accompanied by the Barbarian Nick, and any others who wish to go. I require a filled out application however, questions are as follows:

What do you bring to the journey?:
Have you a multi-passenger car?:
Have you any money?:
Do you even know who Waldo is?:
I don't believe you, describe him:

Thats it, Nick and I reserve the right to disapprove anyone, for any reason. We wish company on this trip however, so please do apply.

It now appears as though this trip will have to take place within the summer, both because of time, which is bountiful in the summer months, and because my mother, bitchwhore that she is, is holding off until the summer to give me the Firestation, questioning in fact if she even will, because she can trade it in for some money off on whatever car she gets next. Bitch move, but it'll work out somehow I'm sure. I'll just own the shit out of her with my oakley powers. Or I could always hotwire it and drive off into the night. Waldo, wait patiently my friend, we will come find you sooner than you think.

Can you live with hours upon hours of savage powermetal? And can you deal with the fact that immediately following all this powermetal, there will be regular metal aplenty. Some general rock and other contemporary stuff mixed in, but a large majority of it will be powermetal and regular metal.

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The alcoholic has his assassin, but it comes at a cost... [09 Jan 2005|02:52am]
[ mood | Like a total ass... ]

...and that cost is great. Or has the potential to be great. But its worth it. Theres way too much tension right now. It almost overpowers my happiness, but not quite. I need a drink, I need tea, I need sleep, I need her, I'm just needy. Its time to fulfill my needs.

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[15 Dec 2004|11:04pm]
CHECK IT OUT!Collapse )
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[10 Dec 2004|01:05am]
[ mood | Hiding in Laughter ]

I'm sorry but this is too hilarious I have to post it.

This is the course of three seperate conversations happening simultaneously. One with me and JuniorMints, one with CK Kiddo and JuniorMints, the last with CK Kiddo and I. These are quoted directly. Not even taken out of context, I swear.

-CK Kiddo and JuniorMints Conv-
JuniorMints (12:55:28 AM): your little noise makes me fall asleep purdy fast too
CK Kiddo! (12:55:29 AM): the little "mm" is my white noise sometimes
(also note how fast they respond to each other. 1 FUCKING SECOND! INSAAAAAAANEEEEE!)

-JuniorMints to me-
JuniorMints (12:56:17 AM): haha DUDE EW
JuniorMints (12:56:22 AM): my balls are so linty right now
JuniorMints (12:56:28 AM): havent showered in a day or so

-JuniorMints and CK Kiddo-
JuniorMints (12:56:54 AM): god i love you.
CK Kiddo! (12:57:31 AM): i love you too gpants <3
JuniorMints (12:57:56 AM): heh. <3
JuniorMints (12:58:06 AM): i can doo it too!

-JuniorMints to Me- (after discovering that I've copied and pasted the ball lint statement to CK Kiddo)
JuniorMints (12:58:51 AM): god DAMMIT
JuniorMints (12:58:59 AM): i hate you

-CK Kiddo and Me- (after discovering that i've formulated a timeline of these events and sent it to JuniorMints)
CK Kiddo! (1:00:30 AM): WHAT ARE YOU DOING
Ancient Eyes (1:00:36 AM): i love this
Ancient Eyes (1:00:44 AM): you two freak out so easily
Ancient Eyes (1:00:58 AM): point in case= CK Kiddo! (1:00:52 AM): FKJDSA FFJSAKLFS NO WE DONT
Ancient Eyes (1:01:12 AM): point #2= JuniorMints (12:59:29 AM): YOU FUCKER
Ancient Eyes (1:01:31 AM): point #3= JuniorMints (1:01:19 AM): you are such a little shit

-JuniorMints and Me- (After...uh....I think hes just an angry fuck...)
JuniorMints (1:03:12 AM): ass.... FACE
JuniorMints (1:03:18 AM): DAMMIT
JuniorMints (1:03:51 AM): fuckers. adskfjalksdfjasdsd lakdssfj; df....
Ancient Eyes (1:04:05 AM): got some other words to put in there big guy?

Now if that isn't hilarious, I don't knwo what is. You two are fucking awesome and I love ya to death but shit, that was so retarded it was hilarious. Anyways, enjoy.

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How emo am I? NOT AT FUCKING ALL! [07 Dec 2004|08:30pm]
[ mood | Metal, BITCH ]

I AM 0% EMO!
0% EMO
Okay... so I'm not emo at all.. I am probably not even goth, because goths are just messed up emo kids... I am probably a metal head... or into boy bands...

Badass. I'm about as emo as a metal head. I'm fuckin proud.

I need to go take a bath, man! And I might wanna toss that shirt of mine in the wash? Any grungier and I would be mistaken for mildew, dude.

Best of all, I'm fuckin all Grunge. Kiss my filthy disgusting ass Emo.

I rock just as hard as the rest of the thrash set, except when no ones looking I like to get down with a little "More than a Feeling."

Sorry Nick, I'm just not up to par yet. Gimme time dude, gimme time.

I AM 84% SKA!
84% SKA
Pick it up, I skank! I am one full-fledged crazy Rudie, I am going to go celebrate my victory with some skankin'!

Be proud Sasha. Be proud.

I am not a child of the 60’s but my heart is true to the cause, man. I realize that being a hippie is not just bell bottoms and tie-dye. It is also about the drugs and smelling bad, too!

What the fuck?!

I am one of those people that love to hear the sound of their voice. That and my lousy attitude make for a mixture as toxic next-day-mexican-dinner-ass-drip.

That's more like it. I am indeed an asshole.

Angst, and bitter resentment drive me to create works that not a single idot will ever come close to grasping. Ah, the raw and unforgiving statements that bleed from my soul are so misunderstood.

Ummmmm sweet....I guess...?

Have I even been to a rave? I'll go home. I am a Loser. I suck. Actually, I am probably just a normal person taking this test and don't know why.

HA! Take THAT drug history!

I am pure evil. I lie awake at night devising schemes of world domination, and I will not rest until all living souls bend to my will.

Yeah. I'M fucking evil. HA!

I may have been raised white trash, but I have escaped to find the other side. Even now my white trash traits sneak out, like drinking beer from the bottle at a restaurant.

The description is accurate towards the end......but still........shit.

I wanna be a geek. But I'm not. Why would I even want to be one. Do I think it's fun? I should try writting an online test application at 1 am in my underwear

Hooray for friends!

The intelligent punk. Tuff and Smart. I may be able to maintain a train of thought long enough... What the fuck was I talking about?

I don't know if thats a good or a bad thing. Whatever, it is what it is.
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Privatization [06 Dec 2004|03:39am]
[ mood | Private ]

Due to....me feeling like it, I've decided to make this friends only. And for your enjoyment, the manditory pictures to reinforce this.

I'm fucking brilliant.

My friends are a resiliant bunch....

Sorry for the sketchiness of the text and the extreme lack of awesome, but Photoshop shat out on me, so this is the best I could do at 4am on a Sunday night.

If you're not on my friends list by now, you probly dont' give a shit, or you dont' have a journal. So if by some strange fluke, someone fits into neither of these categories, lemme know and I just might grant you access.

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Direct it all at me. [05 Dec 2004|07:48pm]
[ mood | Like an asshole ]

You don't even know.

Public Service Announcement [05 Dec 2004|02:47am]
[ mood | self-loathing ]

I'd like to say something, and no one is allowed to respond to it.

I Suck.

That's it. Now go to fuckin sleep. God knows I can't.

Un, Deux... [03 Dec 2004|01:08am]
So first of all, I'd like to make a public announcement. Snitches are horrible people. I believe I am about to be snitched on and its totally not cool. It will have dire consequences if it happens. Thats all I'm gonna say on this matter.

Second thing. I saw this quote in someones profile earlier today and I thought it needed answering.

"So why should I take your hand when you cant promise happy endings?"

Because even if the end is not what you want, even if it's nothing like what you want, the journey towards that ending, is going to be filled with memories, some of which will be amazing and wonderful. Its for those moments that we live, and it is risks that get us those moments. So even if you can't be promised a happy ending, even if you can't even be promised a happy journey, you can be sure of wonderful moments. And you can be sure that they will be worth it.

Thats all, I just felt like going all Emo and talking about that shit tonight.
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Ha! [01 Dec 2004|12:36am]
So I've realized tonight that my parents are trying to catch me for binge drinking. They've set upwards of 4 traps so far that I've found. And thats only what I've found tonight. It's gonna be a rough ride for a while. Homelessness, here I come.
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And of course, my take on it... [28 Nov 2004|11:46pm]
writing is mindless self indulgence
brought to you by the isLove Generator
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Trendy as I am... [28 Nov 2004|11:44pm]
letterman jackets are love
brought to you by the isLove Generator
Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

#3 of 4 [28 Nov 2004|06:34pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

This is the least eventful story of the 4. Surprisingly, it is also the day I had off from school. Thursday, commence.

My phone rings...loudly. I answer it. CK Kiddo is on the line, shes coming to my house to pick up the Freezer, which for some reason is parked outside. Time? 11am. Ouch. JuniorMints and I roll out of bed, go online, and work out details. I shower, he hides within all the blankets and pillows and such on my floor, lost in between asleep and awake.

When I come out of the bathroom, sparklingly clean and donning only a pair of boxers, CK Kiddo and JuniorMints are staring at me. We quickly discuss the strangeness that is CK Kiddo owning the same pair of boxers I am currently wearing, then I put on some pants. I quickly finish dressing and snag the original Playstation along with a few games, and we depart. Destination? JuniorMints' house....in Mountlake Terrace.

After 20 min of driving in the freezer, we arrive at JuniorMints' house, park, and enter. No one is home. JuniorMints makes some incredibly good eggs for Me, CK Kiddo, and himself (originally intended to be omelettes but that plan fell apart and what was left were just some very scrumptious eggs). CK Kiddo and I put a decent dent in his supply of Gruyere cheese aswell.

It is about this time when CK Kiddo pulls out a Coke bottle filled with a myriad of alcohol including (but not limited to): wine, whiskey, tequila (?), and triple sec. Some of the Cherry Coke remained and apparantly a bit of Vanilla Coke was added too. The result was not pretty. A bittersweet 'n' sour concoction with a beastly aftertaste. Horrendous, but when have I ever been known to turn down alcohol? This time, thats when. CK Kiddo and JuniorMints, however, did not share in my convictions. They indulged completely. I do admit that I drank what would be about 1/8 of the bottle simply through tasting it in the beginning and at the end having to kill it before JuniorMints mom arrived.

We descend to JuniorMints room where CK Kiddo and him disappear for a breif while, during which I set up the Playstation and begin to play "Crash Bash". Eventually, CK Kiddo emerges and joins me. After about 15 minutes, we both get bored and go back into JuniorMints room. We find him asleep in his bed. Apparantly he's tired. CK Kiddo dives on him, and they (once again), are cuddling to save the world. Feeling slightly unwelcome and out of place, I look for something to do, and find JuniorMints' guitar. Taking it from its case, I notice it's extremely frumpy, wide fretboard, tiny body, tiny head, and (dear god help him) nylon strings. A quick shiver and I'm over it, I need to entertain myself.

They turn the lights out and I start to play. I create a new little riff thing that's really fun while JuniorMints busts a nut in his bed with CK Kiddo. CK Kiddo is being very ADD though and keeps wanting to do other things. Suddenly its time to eat again. CK Kiddo and I go get more food (FUNYUNS) and return to find JuniorMints barely conscious. He sits up and starts begging for CK Kiddo to come back to bed. It is at this point when we create the "I have to poop" face. It is basically the "sad puppy" face, only when JuniorMints does it, it looks slightly.....constipated.

Here's a variation of it, called the I'm-happy-because-I-just-pooped faceCollapse )

Another hour of hanging out and a semi-conscious JuniorMints trying to get with CK Kiddo in the dark right next to me. Then CK Kiddo goes to the bathroom, and comes back calmed down. We leave 45 min later. I get home and proceed to my room. 30 min later I reemerge and march myself to the basement, where I have stashed some booze. I sit on the porch and down 2 bottles of guiness, 6 random ales, and a sports bottle of hard liquor (skimmed from the tops of my parents liquor). Completely trashed, I take a quick shower in the basement, chew some gum, and play nintendo 64 in my basement. Obscenities were bountiful, and the targets, inanimate. A simple, yet satisfying end to a simple yet satisfying day.

The next installment, Saturday, the 4th and final day of the Quadruple Header.

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#2 of 4 [22 Nov 2004|04:32pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

Okay so it's been a while since I've had any time to post for real, and so i'm finally getting around to it now. This will be the story of the Wednesday that occurred before my last story (Friday at Smile's house). I also decided to make it into the 4 seperate days that it really was and not to connect wednesday and thursday. This is simply because it takes a long time to write one of these and I dont' want to write both days tonight. There are no pictures for this night, but I'm still going with the different names, enjoy.

It starts off as just another school day. And once again, its a suit day. This time however, I was not the only one, I got JuniorMints to wear one aswell. Later on, more participated, but only Me and JuniorMints get props for the full day of awesome style. After school there is a plan. It goes awry (like all my plans) but still results in an enjoyable evening (to say the least).

Immediately after school, TheHulk and I go find JuniorMints, who is going to be heading back up to my house with us. CK Kiddo is planning to join us once we arrive there. FiestyItalian will be meeting us there aswell. The plan, to hit up Dicks.....in formal gear. Grungy restaurant+well dressed people+digital camera= One Big Puddle of AWESOME. Hands down. Interrupting this however, is Pops, who calls and yells at me for about 30 seconds before I retaliate full force. Result? I win. I defeated a 300lb man in an argument over the phone and hung up on him. Effectively fucked myself over for later, but it was irrelevant. A minor speed bump and I got over it. Kinda.

TheHulk, JuniorMints, and I get back up to my house, I do 6 assignments for homework in record time. CK Kiddo shows up. She looks awesome and JuniorMints looks like he's about to bust a nut just looking at her. TheHulk has run home to change into a suit in the meantime. Then FiestyItalian showed up. She also looks stunning and though I can't testify for this myself (due to the fact that I can't see my own expressions), I believe I too looked like I was about to splooge all over myself from just the sight of her. TheHulk returns looking quite sharp with his custom Stetson and full suit.

We depart in the Thunder Freezer for Dicks, after some seating rearrangements. Apparantly my bony ass is not comfortable to have on your lap, who knew? We eat, then come back up the hill looking to see a movie. This means we need to rent one however because theres no way we're paying to go to a theater, half of us (including myself) are broke.

So we head up to Video Isle and everyone but FiestyItalian and I go in to pick a movie. This leaves me and her in a car...a van....alone. This didn't go how I wanted at all. In fact, nothing at all happened. It was basically my futile attempts being shot down for 5 min.

Then one of the most douche things ever happened. JuniorMints, Jewtasmo, and JollyGreenGiant attacked the van, after realizing that we were both inside. They begin to rock the van, which isn't hard for such big guys. After realizing who it is, I start to scramble to beat the living hell out of Jewtasmo. But just in case you need more evidence that God hates me and enjoys watching me struggle, the door is jammed. But no, I don't do something logical like try a different door, I continue pulling on the same one. Over and over and over again. Now I'm not nearly as pissed at Jewtasmo anymore, I just hate the sliding door of the Thunder Freezer with a passion. [Note:it's never gotten stuck like that again, I forgave it]

I eventually escape the clutches of the Freezer and slam my shoulder into Jewtasmo's solar plexus after a full charge. JuniorMints has fled the scene a while ago. FiestyItalian doesn't give a shit about being attacked by these guys. She does care however that JollyGreenGiant is there. I'd never met him before but apparantly she's very good friends with him. He got more play from her that night than I did. Pathetic I know.

Everyone returns and we take off back to my house again. We take control of the basement and begin the screening. CK Kiddo is immediately atop JuniorMints laying on the couch. Soon enough it becomes mine, and I beckon for FiestyItalian...no go. I eventually end up laying on the ground with her, but shes totally unresponsive to me. Oh my troubles with women, rather, this one woman. That was totally sarcastic, I'm not going all emo on you here.

Around 9, I get a call from EmoGirl. She has a fifth of vodka. And 5 Mikes (coincidentally, I bought these for her) and she wants me to come drink with her and her friends. How can I refuse that kind of offer? Free booze, and lots of it. I'm game. I wait out the rest of the movie out of courtesy, after which FiestyItalian coldly departs. CK Kiddo and JuniorMints decide to stay behind, which turns out to be a good idea, and no, nothing happened. This story actually does not involve anyone getting any play. This means its just TheHulk and I.

We depart to meet them at Rogers Park. A quick call and I know they're almost there. Once we arrive, the drinking commences. It's almost like they waited for me to start. I down 2 of the 5 mikes, leaving 1 for each of the girls, who will now affectionately be referred to as EmoKid, PrissyDrunk, and DrunkSlut. We start in on the vodka, which is very cheap stuff and tastes like paint thinner. Not to mention the fact that its not as alcoholic as normal vodka. So we decide we need some mixers for it.

At this point I'm the most drunk looking one (ironically) even though I feel perfectly fine. Its simply that I'm a little off balance already and that I only got 1/2 an hour of sleep the night before. But they decide that I'm not going in. Yeah, like thats gonna happen. We all go into the store, even despite their protests. You can't defy me, you just can't. So we decide to get this wierd tropical juice, which turns out to be a very good choice, it tastes excellent, and even with the horrible vodka it tastes okay. We also buy a lot of red plastic cups. Then proceed up to Little Howe park. TheHulk departs at this time and returns to his dwelling.

Once we get there, it takes 30 seconds and I'm already pouring drinks. DrunkSlut is already being annoying by trying to make me pour to much for EmoGirl. She succeeds. EmoGirl has a 25/75 mix. She only needs about a 20/80 or a 25/75 mix. Oh well, not too big of a deal. PrissyDrunk gets a 10/90 mix, which tastes like juice and basically is. DrunkSlut gets a 20/80, and I get a 50/50. I drink 2 cups of the 50/50 mix. I've drank about 1/2 the bottle in total. After finishing her cup, DrunkSlut decides its a good idea to chug the bottle. So she drinks probably about 1/4 of the bottle in total. The other 1/4 is unevenly split between EmoGirl and PrissyDrunk. EmoGirl drinks way more. PrissyDrunk acts way drunker. What a fake.

Moving on, I'm really starting to feel it, really heavily. I'm almost entirely unable to function its getting so bad. PrissyDrunk looks way hotter than she did before, and she didn't look too bad sober. If she wasn't so fucking prissy and fake, I might have been willing to fuck her. But no. Moving on, we realize the time at this point, and its way too late to be out still. Sometime around here, two random girls (neither is hot at all, and neither could have even possibly been over 13 years old) show up, they will be dejectedly referred to as BlondeChub and MysteriousUgly from here on in. BlondeChub immediately takes a liking to me, which annoys the living hell out of me for the following 50 minutes.

We embark on our journey back towards the dwellings of both me and EmoGirl (we're neighbors). There we will all find shelter for the night. Total distance? 5 blocks, maybe 6. We make it about 1 and a quarter blocks in the first 20 minutes of travel. The reason we're barely moving? DrunkSlut. Shes so wasted she can't even stand, let alone walk, on her own. I'm so frustrated from this I actually start to sober up a little bit from burning off the alcohol. BlondeChub is trying to be supportive and comforting, but its hard for a 12 year old sober fat girl to comfort a 16 year old angry drunken alcoholic.

Its even harder when her way of comforting is to give me a hug, and when she tries, I feel dirty, so I push her away as best I can, and stumble off trying to pick up DrunkSlut and carry her for as far as I can. I effectively carried her for 3 blocks at this point. It took 10 minutes. Right around then, she mutters something to the tune of, "Just let me..." and trails off before attempting to make out with me. This results in her sucking on my jawbone...below my ear...for about 2 min straight, before I get completely disgusted beyond belief, and toss her into a bush next to the sidewalk.

I feel dirty. I'm still drunk. She's drunker, she wants more. She walks over to EmoGirl and asks, "Did I just kiss Spencer?" EmoGirl has no idea and just stands there drunken and perplexed, so I answer for her, "You tried." She practically collapses at me, and says, "Let me try again" and tries to stand up and kiss me, but shes too short. She just stands there with her mouth open on the tips of her toes, until she finally collapses to the ground. Once again, I'm on carrying duty. I pick her up and carry her another 200 feet before she flips out and decides she hates me, slaps me, and starts complaining.

Enter JuniorMints. The hero of this entire night. Not only has he just comforted CK Kiddo, but now he's the only sober and sensible one there. And now that shes decided she hates me, DrunkSlut has decided that she loves him. So we have him walk away, towards my house, and then we all follow close behind, she soon starts stumbling after us. She finally makes it all the way to EmoGirl's front steps, thanks in majority, to JuniorMints, for making her take that last block without too much yelling and screaming.

Finishing out the night, I threw up 4 times in a row. Then ate 3 waffles before passing out again. Garth crashed on my floor. I slept for only 8 hours, then we got a call. It's time to start Day 3 (thursday) of the Quadruple Header.

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Soooooo.... [22 Nov 2004|01:12am]
[ mood | amused ]

So apparantly I'm a 34A (my tits) and a size 0 (girls pants). Don't ask how I know those two things, you don't really wanna know.

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[20 Nov 2004|11:51pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

OH GOD I GOT CHASED BY BLACK PEOPLE! there were a million of them! AND THEY CHASED AFTER CLAIRE BECAUSE SHE YELLED "KISS MY ASS BITCH" and they were all nathan hale kids. But we still ran away like jackrabbits. And i'm still drunk as fuck. Forgive me.

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[18 Nov 2004|07:02pm]
[ mood | angry as fuck ]

You ever have one of those days where no matter how well something goes, it still seems like it sucked? How about one of those days where you just want to walk downstairs and drink all the booze in the house no matter who's watching? Or how about one of those days where you lose more and more emotional capacity every second? Yeah, today sucks. All I want to do is break stuff and beat the shit out of other things/people. Unfortunately my only anger management tool (a punching bag) has broken. I fight too well. I punched it until it fell out of the ceiling. Today sucks.

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